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01 ASAKUSA - tradition and local life

例) Asakusa is the oldest town in a modern city, Tokyo. These days, Asakusa still gives you a sense of nostalgic Japan. Here are not only temples and Skytree but sakura in April.

02 FOOD - eat up Japan

例) I have many recommendations when it comes to eating! This is Okononiyaki, and I love this so much :D

03 ODAIBA - gigantic robot

例) Odaiba is an artificial island. Odaiba has lots of entertainments such as Gundam, Onsen and more! Let's explore together.

04 HI THERE - state-of-art

例) Let's visit Miraikan to see fascinating technology. Here we can find robots, vehicles, and cutting edge techs!

Trip Information

Duration: 6.0h ~ 7.0h

Estimated price / person: JPY 2,000 (public transport fee, admission fee and others)

*Not including meal fee




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