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01 Discover Old Culture in Tokyo

例) Here is one of the oldest areas and most famous areas in Tokyo and called Asakusa. There is a traditional arcade. Besides, Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo.

02 Japanese Highest Building

例) This is Tokyo Skytree which is the highest building in Japan. Its height is 634m!!!! Just near Sensoji Temple we plan to go first. Asakusa is mixing modern and old culture.

03 Experience Geek Culture with Anime

例) Akihabara is well known as the center of the geek culture in Japan. There are many anime stores and gadgets. Why don't you enjoy Japanese amazing geek culture?

04 The Most Famous Shrine in Japan

例) More than 3 million people go here on new year's days. Meijijingu shrine is absolutely the most famous and popular shrine in not only Tokyo but Japan! Shall we find an oasis of the city center of Tokyo?

Trip Information

Duration: 6.0h ~ 8.0h

Estimated price / person: JPY 2,000 (public transport fee and others)

*Not including meal fee


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